POLICE officers had to request immediate assistance yesterday after a group of approximately 300 people at a party in Sea Lots, Port of Spain, attempted to chase them out of the area.

A number of them were arrested for breaching public health regulations, using obscene language and resisting arrest.

One man was arrested for inciting the crowd to attack the officers.

The incident took place shortly after 10 a.m., when officers of the Port of Spain Division informed the party-goers they were in breach of the regulations gathering in such large numbers and close proximity.

Police reports state that the law men responded to a report of a party at Production Avenue, Sea Lots.

When they arrived at the location, they noticed the majority of people in the crowd were not wearing face masks, with music blaring and no social distancing taking place.

One of the officers, police said, ordered the DJ to turn off the music and instructed the crowd to disperse.

Officers said a man identified as “Monk” began cursing and told other members of the crowd to chase after the officers.

As a large section of the crowd obeyed the instruction, the officers began to retreat and called for assistance.

Within minutes, their colleagues from several units, including the Port of Spain Task Force and Emergency Response Patrol (ERP), responded, causing members of the crowd to scatter.

While the majority of the party-goers were not arrested, officers managed to take a few into custody, including the man who incited the other members to attack the officers, and transported to Besson Street Police Station.

Once charged, he is expected to appear virtually before a Port of Spain magistrate on charges of inciting a crowd, using obscene language, and resisting arrest.


Eight days after taking the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, 60-year-old Ijaz Haniff who suffered blood clotting and paralysis, has died.

The records at the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) did not name the vaccine as cause of death.

Sixty-four new Covid-19 cases have been recorded by the Ministry of Health.

In its daily update yesterday, the ministry noted the new cases were detected in samples taken over a three-day period between April 13 and April 15.

 The displacement, anxiety and discomfort brought on by chronic water shortages resulting from the La Soufriere volcano eruptions tell the sad tale of life for many ­Vincentians today.