Partygoers lie on their stomachs

released with warning: Partygoers lie on their stomachs after police raided a gathering at Sea Lots in Port of Spain yesterday.

Hours after a video went viral yesterday showing persons partying by the seashore in defiance of the Public Health Ordinance Regulations, police swept down on the Sea Lots community and detained 27 persons.

The video clip, which showed mostly minors and young persons, was shared on various social media platforms yesterday morning, in which several young persons were heard using obscene language, and boasting that they did not care about COVID-19 (coronavirus).

One of the persons in the video could even be heard saying “(expletive) Gary Griffith”.

The area was identified by various landmarks and an exercise was launched in the community yesterday morning, under the supervision of Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

When the officers arrived yesterday morning, 27 persons were seen assembled in the same location along the seafront.

The majority of these persons, police said, were minors.

They were all detained.

However, instead of arresting them, a decision was made give them all a warning and explain to them the dangers of their actions.

In a release issued yesterday, Griffith said he fully understood that many young persons are “very frustrated” due to the stay-at-home policy, but the frustration cannot and should not be released by committing actions that can cost them, and those around them, their lives. “I can appreciate how challenging this can be both for parents and their charges, however, I am appealing, please keep them away from groups of five or more according to the Public Health Ordinance. Find creative ways to channel the energy, all of which can be done at home without an assembly of a large group. Be innovative, but do it within the ongoing regulations, and stay healthy,” Griffith said.


Four-month-old baby Jenique Cole is in need of life-saving open heart surgery.

Government, through the Children’s Life Fund, will pay the cost of the surgery at a hospital in Canada, her mother said.

However, the family has to pay for an air ambulance service which costs US$75,360 (TT$510,888).

Alana Cole, 36, said her family cannot afford this and is appealing to good Samaritans in Trinidad and Tobago to help raise funds to save her baby’s life.

There is a water crisis in Barataria/San Juan and it is crippling businesses and causing many to suffer, says San Juan Business Association president Vivek Charran.

Trinidad and Tobago now has 2,005 active cases of Covid-19, with 217 new cases being recorded yesterday.

The Ministry of Health reported 78 new cases yesterday morning and a further 139 new cases yesterday evening.

Attorneys rushed to the courts yesterday seek­­­ing to stop the depor­tation of a number of Ve­nezuelans who are refugee and asylum seekers.

However, even after the judge granted the stay, it was too late as they were already placed on a Coast Guard vessel and taken to South Trinidad where a Venezuelan vessel took them back to Venezuela.