Michael Maynard

Michael Maynard is pictured with his son Makessi. Maynard beat his daughter Mukeisha to death before hanging himself.

A rape charge was pending against child killer Michael Maynard, who was out on bail when he killed his daughter, Mukeisha Maynard, eight.

Maynard beat Mukeisha to death with a cutlass at their Kelly Village home last Saturday.

The child died on Sunday, and Maynard took his life.

According to the Trinidad and ­Tobago Police Service, two reports were made against Maynard.

The first was on September 10, 2011, when Mukeisha was just a baby, at eight months old.

According to the police, Maynard was arrested and charged with assaulting Mukeisha and her mother, Maysonia Thomas. The TTPS stated that matter remained “pending for years”.

It stated that on April 6, 2019, a ­report was made about threats and child neglect against Maynard by his sister, Celestine Oliver.

The TTPS stated further that in 2018, Maynard was arrested for rape and was released on bail. “There was another report made against Maynard. In 2018, a report of rape was made against Maynard. He was ­arrested and charged, and released on bail. As part of his bail conditions, he had to report to the Caroni Police Station once per week. That matter was also pending,” the TTPS stated.

Say something

The TTPS stated Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has noted ­media reports which stated complaints were made to the police about “­certain abuses” committed by Maynard against his two children, Mukeisha and Makessi, ten.

Griffith stated checks with the Child Protection Unit (CPU) of the TTPS show no reports against Maynard were made at either the Morvant or Chaguanas police station.

Checks with the CID also revealed no such reports were made.

According to the TTPS, when ­Oliver made the report of child ­neglect against her brother, the ­police investigated.

“WPC Atkinson of the CPU spoke to Steven Maynard (uncle) and Rashida Munroe. At the time, two children were living with their grandmother at Kelly Village, Caroni.

“The children denied that they were beaten, and there were no marks of violence on the bodies,” stated the release.

The top cop reminded citizens that when they see something, “they must say something, and not wait until someone is killed”.

According to the CoP, investigations revealed no further reports were made.

“But it seems that there are ­people who knew that something was happening and they failed to step ­forward.

“The CoP says that the TTPS are not mind-readers. To the people who knew what was happening and failed to step forward—you were not helping the victim.

“It is too late. If you see something, say something.”

False reports

Griffith stated when reports were made against Maynard, they were investigated by the police and ­action was taken. “We investigated, we charged, we did our job and he was given bail.”

Griffith stated it has become the norm that after a tragic end to an ­incident, people are speaking out about what they knew and what had been going on for years with the victim—yet still they made no reports to the police.

“Commissioner Griffith pointed out that this was the second time in the last three weeks that false information surfaced saying that reports were made to the police and nothing was done.

“In January 2020, Roger Singh shot and killed his wife, Naiee Singh, before turning the gun on himself in Couva.

“Reports surfaced that the police did nothing after reports were made. Checks revealed that no one ever made reports against Roger ­Singh,” stated the release.

“In the present case where a ­father killed his... daughter before killing himself, the CoP points out that everyone in the village, family, friends and colleagues claim to know that there has been abuse for years. Two reports were made and they were investigated,” stated the release.


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