POLICE are at the scene of a massacre in Toco where a Chaguanas man is suspected to have killed his two children, his wife and then himself.

Residents of Hambug Trace spotted the vehicle which was strange to the area around 1 p.m.. It was parked near a mango tree.

By 3 p.m. when the vehicle remained in the same spot, a resident peeped in and made the horrific discovery.

Toco police observed that the man was seated in the driver’s seat, blood covered his chest.

A child was seated in the front passenger’s seat, a woman and a baby in the back seat all were unresponsive.

The Express spoke with the resident who contacted police.

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“Someone saw the car around 1 p.m. parked with the glass wind up. About 3 p.m. I saw the car and I blow my horn. The glass wind up tight. When I didn’t see any response I peeped into the car and I saw a man with blood on his chest. So with that I called the Toco police. When the Toco police came they said they saw a man dead on the driver’s seat, a child on the front passengers seat, a woman dead in the back and a baby on the backseat”, he said.

Police have traced the registration of the car to an owner in Chaguanas.

The resident said: “I saw something fishy and I called the police. I did what the Commissioner (of Police Gary Griffith) said to do which is to call police if you see something unusual. This looks like a domestic situation. It is very grim and sad. It is just a sign of the inability of people to cope with the pressures of society”, he said.


IF his performance is to be measured by the murder toll as he said he should be then Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has failed. Five hundred and sixteen murders have been committed on his watch and the 2019 toll has passed that of last year to date.

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