The life lesson taught to Sham Maraj by his father on disaster evacuation is likely what saved his life on Tuesday, when heavy rains and winds swept across parts of South Trinidad on Tuesday afternoon.

Maraj, 52, of Ibis Circular Road in Rousillac said he was home when the downpour began just after ­midday.

When the winds picked up, ­Maraj said he knew something was wrong, which prompted him to ­immediately leave his house.

Within minutes, the galvanised roofing sheets blew off and his home collapsed.


Iwer! Iwer! Iwer!

That repetitive chant, 1,000-plus voices strong, heralded the return of Neil “Iwer” George to soca supremacy long before any results were read on Saturday morning at the International Soca Monarch (ISM) final.

The Point Fortin-born veteran soca performer secured his fourth overall ISM title and second power soca category win, with an emphatic performance of his Road March contending collaboration with Kees Dieffenthaller — “Stage Gone Bad” — at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain.

THE breathtaking Salybia Beach you knew and loved does not exist anymore.

Illegal occupancy has turned the beach in Toco from a pristine sea-front into a muddle of illegal structures with an unplanned fishing port.

THE Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is seeking the public’s help to find five-year-old Keegan Primus.

Keegan, of Second Caledonia Road, Morvant was last seen on upper Frederick Street in the vicinity of the Port of Spain State Prison (Royal Jail) around 1 p.m. yesterday and was reported missing to the Central Station around 3.10 p.m.