Clyde Elder

Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) general secretary Clyde Elder

Digicel Group has confirmed that the company has reduced staff as a result of digital transformation.

The Express understands that 60 workers were affected by this move, but Digicel head of Group Communications Antonia Graham did not confirm the exact headcount.

In responding to questions about the employees being laid off, Graham indicated the company relaunched from a telecommunications company to a digital ope­rator last October, and this path started some 18 months before the launch and was not as a result of the economic impact brought on by Covid-19.

Graham noted the company is working with affected staff members to ensure they are fully supported, and thanked them for their service to Digicel.

Sources told the Express that meetings were held with the affec­ted employees yesterday morning, and they were informed of their severance package, along with employee assistance programme (EAP) counselling.

Union concerned

Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) general secretary Clyde Elder expressed his astonish­ment over Digicel’s decision as he said the company has always boasted about being the “bigger, better network” and having the biggest market share.

“This has not worked to the benefit of the workers, it surely worked against them. I think Digicel is being disingenuous and has not given the real reason for reducing headcounts,” said Elder.

He explained that while the workers were not represented by the union, employees losing their jobs should be of great concern to the country.

Elder said he was puzzled by this move as Digicel did not have a high headcount in Trinidad as the company always outsourced most of its activities.

Just last week, 200 DirecOne workers were sent home after the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) announced it did not renew the call services contract with the company and hired another private contractor, CallServ Ltd, to take over the operations.


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