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‘No crisis here’: Dr Keith Rowley

Following is Part I of the findings of the poll:

AT the conclusion of the Government’s fourth year in office, the Prime Minister’s approval rating stands at a remarkable 50 per cent.

With a five-point improvement year-on-year, the findings of this poll indicate that Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has emerged from a modest midterm slump. He heads into the final year of his five-year term with a majority of the population approving of the job he is doing.

Even more remarkable is that only 38 per cent of survey respondents disapprove of the job that Dr Rowley is doing as Prime Minister. This translates into a net approval rating of +12, the most favourable net approval rating since he has taken office.

Perilous times Notwithstanding Dr Rowley’s majority approval rating among those polled, the same persons paint a sobering picture of the state of the nation. Without fail, each of the issues surveyed – crime, the economy, corruption and the state of national infrastructure—was described by an overwhelming majority as either a “major problem” or in a state of “crisis”.


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