AstraZeneca vaccine

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine

The family of a 60-year-old man who suffered a blood clot and paralysis after taking the AstraZeneca vaccine is pleading with the authorities to not cover up his ailment, but take action to ensure that it does not happen to someone else.

Chief executive officer of the South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) Dr Brian Armour has said there was no evidence to show a link between the man’s condition and the ­vaccine.

Of the AstraZeneca vaccine generally, Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram has said there seems to be a causative link between the vaccine and clotting.

“It is a thrombotic syndrome which causes a drop in your platelets to an extent you have bleeding, and you have a clot formation within the arteries. So generally speaking, it is an extremely rare side effect I would say of this particular vaccine,” he said.

The man, a retired local government regional corporation health inspector, is currently a patient at the San Fernando General Hospital. The family yesterday shared photographs of the man’s body with the Express, which showed the area from the waist down to his toes has turned black in colour.

The man, a heart patient, took the AstraZeneca vaccine at the Princes Town health facility last week Wednesday. By last week Friday, his body had become partially paralysed.

A CT scan at a private institution was conducted, revealing a blood clot blocking a main artery.

The man was rushed to the San Fernando General Hospital, where he ­remains.

The man’s nephew, Faleel Ali, told the Express by phone yesterday that his uncle’s condition was deteriorating and he had become a puppet.

“He is the same way, no changes, he keeps going down, right now they have him like a puppet, they just taking tests,” he said.

Ali said his uncle has undergone CT scans, X-rays, ultrasound and countless blood samples taken. He said he is very drugged-up and can barely open his eyes.

“You just imagine the pain he is in, you watching from your waist go down, totally dead. He is suffering from nerve bite where the nerves are starting to die and eat the flesh,” he said.

Ali said his family is facing deep mental anguish.

“We reach a conclusion where we cannot do anything to save him, it’s only a matter of time. The CEO come out on the media and say it’s not the vaccine. If it’s not the vaccine, give us an answer what caused the blood clot. A strong, healthy man did heart surgery ten years ago, the only complication he had was sugar (diabetes) and (high blood) pressure, and 48 hours after he take the vaccine he get a blood clot in the aorta vein of his heart, and that cut off the blood flow to the bottom half of his body,” he said.

Ali claimed a CD with the CT scan results from the private medical centre was given to the hospital doctors, who now say they cannot find it.

Ali said he believes attempts are being made to cover up so that people are not scared to take the vaccine.

He said the doctors advised that they now want to do a biopsy on his uncle.