Paula-Mae Weekes speaks with Dr Sister Phyllis

President Paula-Mae Weekes speaks with Dr Sister Phyllis Wharfe and another sister after she was presented with her national award at Scarborough General Hospital last Friday.

PRESIDENT Paula-Mae Weekes must explain her rationale for not allowing unmarried invitees to bring their partners to presidential events, says former head of the public service, Reginald Dumas.

Speaking to the Express by phone yesterday, Dumas said the President’s move to implement this policy at the national awards last week sounded like it was from the “Victorian era” and the 19th century.

He said it took him by surprise.

“My position is, what is the reason for this? What is the President’s rationale for this policy which she has imposed on people, including foreign diplomats.

“Not merely in 2019 but in a society like this where there are lots of common law relationships and it is virtually the norm. What therefore is the aim the President had in mind? To achieve what exactly? I don’t know. It sounds very Victorian and 19th century,” he said.


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