Vanna Girod

 Vanna Girod

Two weeks before she was found dead on a beach in Arnos Vale, Tobago, model and actress Vanna Girod compiled her thoughts on life, death, love and spirituality into an 87-page motivational book she said was her gift to the world.

Girod, 30, sent the document on January 12 via e-mail to a list of friends, saying she hoped it “brings you as much realisation about life as it has for me”.

The document was titled “ThAnkh U-niverse Subtle Martial Art-ing of The Mind”.

In her writings, she said she had a experienced an ebb and flow of “wondrous curiosity for life”.

She encouraged others to embrace life and be strong.

“When you find yourself in a low energetic funk, firmly plant your feet into the ground, stand up, shoulders back and remember that miracles and amazing things happen because you exist,” she wrote. Girod also encouraged those who read her writings to let go of unnecessary judgement.

“A person can have the world on their shoulders and you wouldn’t know it,” she wrote. “Because we teach ourselves to hide and keep the truth hidden from those that are taught ostracism as a result of not conforming.”

She penned her thoughts on life and its losses, saying death is not the end.

“The truth is that everything lasts forever or as long as you want it to exist lasting. You feel it in your heart, once you’ve loved a person, place or thing—it never dies because energy never dies. There is no end.

“Death is but a door, a short step from one destination to another. When you have given your time in a way that makes you and the other person feel something, there is never loss when one or the other has to leave this plane of existence. You have created magic, an energy of a moment in time, you can always return to using the same magic,” she wrote. “...We lose people, things and memories, not because we are meant to experience loss but because we are made to remember that time is the substance we are made of and we must use this time not to dwell on our losses but to abandon all old thoughts and look forward to new days, new experiences and the ability to always start from scratch.”

She further encouraged readers to never dwell on the negative aspects of life.

“You are worthy. You are everything you need to be right here and now,” she wrote.“Be grateful for your eyes opening every morning, your hot cup of coffee, humans to wake up to, a blue sky, birds singing, other life forces outside of your home and most of all another day of this incredible life.”

Girod’s body was found on Wednesday, one day after she had been reported missing.

Her brother, Dillon Girod, told the Express on Wednesday his sister had been dealing with mental distress after the death of their grandmother last month. He said Girod had been staying with an aunt at her villa in Arnos Vale, Tobago but was told she had a mental outburst and became violent.

He said she had minor outbursts in the past but was not diagnosed with any mental health issues and was not on any medication. Girod started modelling at age 15 and appeared in ads for apparel and food distribution companies. She also landed roles in several local film productions including Between Friends (2012) and Moko Jumbie (2017).

Tobago police continued investigations in her death yesterday.


A SQUABBLE between siblings of the Fernandes family over the recent sale of the Trinidad Country Club (TCC) in Maraval to the United States Embassy at a cost of $316 million has found its way before the court.

The sibling rivalry took the form of an application for injunctive relief filed on March 25, 2022 by Luisa Fernandes and three companies—Domus Trust, AM Investments and Poui Investments.

Two-year-old Kimani “Mani” Emmanuel Francis was laid to rest yesterday afternoon, ten days after his body was found near the trunk of a fallen tree in the Guapo River in Point Fortin.

At the funeral service at the Bethel Pentecostal Church in Morris Street, Point Fortin, the child’s casket was ushered into the church building, where residents and relatives clothed in memorial T-shirts waited.

A victim of sexual abuse that allegedly took place at the St Dominic’s Children’s Home over 25 years ago will be speaking to the police this weekend.

The man spoke to the Express on Thursday and gave a detailed account of the sexual abuse he suffered, along with about 40 others wards at the St Dominic’s home.

Enough is enough! It’s time to shut down the country.

Those are the fighting words of some trade union leaders following the two per cent offer to public servants for an eighth-year period in wage negotiations by the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) Daryl Dindial.

National Union of Government and Federated Workers (NUGFW) president general James Lambert, speaking at a news conference yesterday at the union’s headquarters in Port of Spain, said he found it very disrespectful that the CPO during a meeting on Thursday with the unions representing public servants offered zero per cent from 2014-2017, one per cent in 2018, zero per cent from 2019-2020 and another one per cent in 2021.

MORE than $.2 million has been awarded to a San Fernando woman who was beaten by police officers before being detained and charged with assaulting one of them in the execution of his duties.

The beating inflicted on 31-year-old Alisha Richards took place on October 20, 2016, just seconds after her husband, Adalle Gilbert, was also allegedly shot dead by the same officer.

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