GERONTOLOGIST and former director of the Division of Ageing of the Ministry of Social Development Dr Jennifer Rouse is concerned that families are shuffling their elderly relatives into homes without checking to ensure proper care is being provided.

She said also worrying is the fact that elderly are also being abused for their properties. “This social issue of ageing has now morphed into an economic issue. Yes, part of that economic issue is that we have pension from the Government that is escalating and is now almost four per cent of the gross domestic product of the budget. But on the other side, what we are seeing is the abuse on the elders because of their property,” she said yesterday.


Satnarayan Maharaj left an indelible mark on Trinidad and Tobago through his bravery, courage, fight for justice and achievements. Maharaj, 88, secretary general of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) died on Saturday after suffering a stroke on November 7.