Merle Singh-Subero

SHOT DEAD: Merle Singh-Subero of Cachipe, Moruga, who was shot and killed by bandits at her home yesterday.

IT has been a struggle to survive for the family of Moruga granny Merle Singh Subero since she was gunned down by thieves three weeks ago.

The family is faced with separation as the 65 year old matriarch who cared for her enfeebled daughter, physically disabled grandson is gone.

Since her death, family members have vacated the house and live separately.

The home construction which Singh Subero was helping financially to complete, remains at a standstill.

Singh Subero’s grandson, Ryan Singh, said his enfeebled mother, Michelle Singh, and his physically challenged brother Michael Singh, have been moved out of the house as it is unsafe for them there.

Ryan Singh, said that his mother, Michelle Singh, still does not know that her mother has died.

Singh Subero was shot in the head as criminals tried to enter their unfinished house at Cachipe Village.

When Singh Subero attempted to barricade the criminals at the doorway with a sheet of ply wood, they fired a shot, which struck her in the neck and killed her almost instantly.

Her grandsons were beaten and forced to hand over their savings of $5,000.

Ryan Singh, now the breadwinner in the family, said that they have repeatedly tried to make his mother understand what has happened, but she barely responds.

“Life has been very hard for us. After all the sacrifices that my grandmother and I made, we don’t feel safe there and we sleep in the house. I feel like someone is watching us at nights. The dogs look at the bushes and barks at a certain hour”, said Ryan Singh.

When his grandmother was killed he had told Express that the area where they lived was left in darkness after the streetlight was removed during road reconstruction works.

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On Monday he said that he has since placed several lights with bright bulbs around the house.

“The Government never put back the lights and I had to do something to brighten up the place so thieves wouldn’t come back here. I feel like people watching the house”, said Ryan Singh.

He said that his 93 year old great grandmother Christiana Clarke and other relatives have been taking turns caring for his mother, but they are unable to provide proper daily care in the long term.

Ryan Singh said that the family is considering placing her in a private home but the costs are beyond the family’s budget.

“We are trying to care for her but it has not been easy on the family”, he said.

Detectives of Homicide Region III are yet to make a breakthrough in the case.


Although Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said the Public Service has deteriorated and many public servants produce “absolutely nothing” and expect to be paid, he said yesterday he did not describe them as “lazy”.

Police have provided Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) secretary general Satnarayan Maharaj with a copy of the warrant which gave them the authority to search the Tunapuna premises of Radio and TV Jaagriti.

Attorney Michael Quamina has dismissed criticisms and questions over his appointment as chairman of Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Ltd (TPHL), ­saying he is ready to take on the job. He said concerns over potential conflict of interest with him being Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s lawyer in the “fake oil” scandal are unfounded.

FRAUD and conspiracy accused Michael Carew was released from jail yesterday morning. Carew has been in custody since last Monday. Carew is the husband of fired public administration minister Marlene McDonald, who is outside on $2 million bail.