Nesha Bennett

ruins: Nesha Bennett stands near the ruins of her home at St Julien Village, Princes Town, after it was destroyed by fire on Saturday night. —Photo: DEXTER PHILIP 

Scores of generous citizens have reached out to 29-year-old Nesha Bennett offering assistance after her home of nine-years in St Julien Village was destroyed by fire on Sunday.

Bennett, who was last at her home on Saturday evening, had left to spend the night with her children, ages six and 12, at a friend’s home in Princes Town.

Her husband, who works in construction, had left earlier in the day for work.

At 7.30.p.m., she said, neighbours informed her that the house was ablaze.

When the Express visited on Sunday, she was distraught by the loss and pleaded for assistance. Her family, she said, was now homeless, without food or clothes to survive.

“Two bedrooms, a kitchen and a hall. Everything is gone, we lost every single thing. All the kids’ books, laptop. TV, fridge, washing machine, bed, stove, everything.

“If I get assistance, I would appreciate it. I would be grateful because I lost everything.

“There are a lot of things that went wrong. I would like to get back a house and all my children’s stuff for school, we have no clothes, nothing,” she said.

Speaking to the Express via telephone yesterday, Bennett said her phone has been flooded with offers and donations of food, toiletries, clothes and other items that were all lost in the fire. More than 50 people, she said, have since reached out to her.

“A lot of people assisting with clothes and little food items and a company reached out and donated $5,000. I took it in materials and the hardware just called to say they would be dropping it down. One person bought all my daughter’s books for me,” she said.

Though the cause of the fire is yet to be determined, she said the area was visited by the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) on Monday.

And touched by her anguish, she said members of the community have come together and offered to re-build the wooden structure if enough materials are acquired.

However, Bennett says the family has a long way to go in purchasing these materials.

“I am thankful for the $5,000 donated, but it won’t be enough for the foundation.

“I don’t want to inconvenience anyone or trouble anyone because I know how hard it is. At the end of the day, it was a wooden home but it was my home for so long. And as a mother I can tell you it’s really, really bad right now. I am staying with my brother but your own home is your own home,” she said.

Bennett added she was thankful for the overwhelming support shared by citizens.

“I am so grateful for everything. As I said, I know times are hard for everyone but thanks to everyone who reached out,” she said.

Those interested in assisting Bennett can call 338 0989 or 315 6222.


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