Ian Alleyne with police officers at the shooting scene. The video was captured by his cameraman.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has launched an investigation into how Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne was allowed to stand alongside police officers who were in a standoff with a man they ended up shooting dead in Chaguanas this afternoon.

Alleyne, who also appeared to have a gun in hand, stood near three uniformed officers while a fourth tried to reason with the suspect outside a house at Biljaj Road, Chaguanas on Friday evening.

The suspect, identified as Keone Paryag, was allegedly holding hostage Dana Alleyne, the sister of Ian Alleyne.

Griffith told the Express that he has launched a probe to determine how Ian Alleyne, a civilian, was allowed to be alongside the officers in a hostile situation.

He said he would be meeting with the police officers involved and the probe would be conducted by the Professional Standards Bureau.

What happened:

Dana Alleyne, the sister of Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne, was held hostage by a man who demanded a one-on-one meeting with her brother this evening,

The standoff ended with police shooting the man during a volley of gunfire.

Shortly before nightfall, police responded to a report of a disturbance at an apartment at Biljah Road, Chaguanas.

This after neighbours reported gunshots.

At least four officers along with Ian Alleyne were seen trying to reason with the man who shouted “Ian, me and you alone. Everybody back off!”.

It’s unclear what happened next but a man is heard saying ‘drop it please, I begging you’ before shots were fired and the suspect hit. He was taken into custody and carried off to the hospital.

A traumatised Dana Alleyne was led from the scene by her brother who also appeared to be carrying a gun. She could be heard asking “they shoot him?”

Senior Superintendent Wayne Mystar said the suspect was shot when he raised his gun to fire on officers.

It is being reported that the suspect may have been high on narcotics.


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