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 Gary Griffith

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says he’s a fighter, not a quitter.

As rumours spread like wildfire yesterday that he had resigned, Griffith said he and Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley have too many things to do to secure this country, therefore he cannot even contemplate resigning.

The top cop yesterday rubbished a social media post which stated he had resigned.

The post entitled “Trinidad Top Cop abruptly resigns” stated that Griffith had quit after two years as the head of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. The post turned out to be fake.

The TTPS thereafter issued a release stating that Griffith had bad news for the criminal elements and the “Hate Gary Club” — he did not resign. Griffith stated that there were too many idle hands in this country who have nothing better to do than to spread fake news.

“Commissioner Griffith said that those who know him would know he is a fighter and not a quitter. He said he and the chair of the National Security Council have too many things to do to secure this country, that he cannot even contemplate resigning,” stated the release.

Griffith stated further that there are people out there with an agenda with one purpose in mind and that is to spread false news with the hope of having a destabilising effect.

The Police Service Commission also issued a release stating that the information circulating on social media concerning the resignation was false and it urged the public to refrain from sharing this misinformation.

Griffith and Rowley have been at loggerheads since the Prime Minister said on Saturday that the Government expects that there would be firm and sustained law enforcement across the board.

“And as I say that, let me join this conversation now, in Trinidad and Tobago we expect that the law will be applied to every person regardless of race, colour, creed, class, or social standing,” Rowley had said.

Griffith fired back, called on the Prime Minister to retract the statements and that he (the PM) had thrown the police under the proverbial bus. He went on to suggest that the Prime Minister had gotten worked up over the issue because of race and colour.

The Prime Minister, Griffith and two senior cops, the Attorney General as well as National Security Minister Stuart Young met on Monday.

However, Griffith maintains that police only have powers to enforce the Public Health Regulations with respect to the Covid-19 virus in public spaces and not on private property.