Motorists line up at the pumps yesterday at the Unipet Service Station

A Unipet Service Station on the Eastern Main Road, St Augustine. 

United Independent Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd (Unipet) gas stations have been reopened after being closed due to “lack of funds to purchase fuel”.

Unipet chief executive officer Dexter Riley confirmed yesterday that the stations have been reopened but said the ability to stay open is still at risk.

On Tuesday, all 25 Unipet stations across the country stopped offering service and motorists were met with “no gas” signs when they turned up to fill their tanks. Motorists had to be redirected to National Petroleum (NP) stations to get fuel for their vehicles.

Riley said then the closures were due to low profit margins and a lack of funds to purchase fuel.

The Trinidad and Tobago Petroleum Dealers Association (PDA) also complained of “unsustainable” operating margins, saying the dealers’ expenses amount to more than their income.

Contacted yesterday, Riley said the issue has been temporarily rectified.


Having lost his eight-year-old sister Mukeisha, ten-year-old Makessi suffered more grief yesterday when a tug of war erupted at Mukeisha’s funeral service over his custody.