Colm Imbert

Minister of Finance Colm Imbert.

The Government is seeking parliamentary approval for an additional $3 billion for expenditure in fiscal 2022.

This is expected to bring the total expenditure for fiscal 2022 to $55.429 billion, $3 billion more than the $52.429 billion which was approved last October.

The Ministry of Public Utilities will receive the largest supplementary appropriation, the bulk of which ($328 million of the supplementation of $467 million) will go to WASA for the payment of wages, loans and Desalcott.

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services will receive the second highest supplementation, with all of the $390 million going towards payment of Senior Citizens’ Grants.

At yesterday’s Standing Finance Committee, the Government sought approval for the provision of supplementary funds in the sum of $3,081,703,900 to “fund urgent and critical recurrent and capital expenditure to September 30, 2022”.

The supplementation is spread among 29 Heads of Expenditure as follows:

• Ministry of Public Utilities - $467,882,000

• Ministry of Social Development and Family Services - $390 million

• Ministry of Health - $362,887.700

• Ministry of Energy - $300 million

• Ministry of Education - $300 million

• Ministry of Finance - $225, 966,500

• Ministry of National Security - $206,900,000

• Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries - $120,040,800

• Ministry of Housing and Urban Development - $103,600,000

• Ministry of Works and Transport- $97,033,000

• Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs - $95,613,000

• Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government - $95,357,000

• Ministry of Sport and Community Development - $67 million

• Tobago House of Assembly - $60 million

• Office of the Prime Minister - $59,961,300

• Judiciary - $30,300,000

• Elections and Boundaries - $23,525,000

• Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts - $20 million

• Ministry of Planning and Development- $9 million

• Service Commissions - $14,419,000

• Personnel Department- $9,728,000

• Industrial Court - $7,924,000

• Parliament - $4,114,000

• Tax Appeal Board - $1,869,000

• Registration, Recognition and Certification Board - $2,152,300

• Public Service Appeal Board - $1,005,400

• Central Administration Services, Tobago - $2,648,400

• Equal Opportunity Tribunal - $2,427,500

• Integrity Commission - $300,000


Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley cried “shame” on the UNC, as he slammed that party for having “the gall to seek to scold and castigate us (the PNM) on the issue of vulnerable children”.

Be prepared! There will be an active hurricane season this year.

This is according to the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS), which has described the 2022 wet season which began this week as volatile and erratic.

Despite the warmer start to the wet season, the TTMS has forecasted at least four named storms and two hurricanes that could affect Trinidad and Tobago in the coming months.

Robert Sabga is not going to call any names associated with a paedophile ring, but will cooperate with the police.

The former chairman of the 1997 task force into children’s homes also says Akiel Chambers’ murder could have been prevented if they were able to find evidence to bust the paedophile ring of 25 years ago.

An individual who was involved in a paedophile ring 25 years ago holds a very high office today and was also linked to the Akiel Chambers case, claims Robert Sabga, former chairman of the 1997 task force appointed to investigate children’s homes.

An excerpt from a video interview with Sabga was shown on Monday night at the United National Congress (UNC) virtual meeting.

THE Government must tell the country whether it was ordered by a London court to pay $1 billion in damages to Brazilian firm OAS Construtora over the wrongful termination of its contract to build the Solomon Hochoy Highway extension to Point Fortin.

Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal on Monday called on the Government to come clean about Trinidad and Tobago’s debt, saying it was mounting and not declining as claimed by Finance Minister Colm Imbert.

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