green band

COMMUTERS travelling on green band maxis will have to pay between $2-$3 more from today.

Route 3 Maxi-Taxi Association president Vikash Kissoondath told the Express that passengers travelling to and from Chaguanas to Port of Spain will now pay $9, which is a $2 increase.

Kissoondath said fares from Chaguanas to Curepe have also been adjusted to $2 more and the direct express route straight to Curepe will now cost passengers $3 more, making it $10 one way.

“We stuck it out with the passengers through three different fuel increases. The cost of living is going up…everyone is looking for a salary increase and this is our job, where we earn a salary. The last fare increase was back in 2017,” he explained.

Last month, the association’s Arima to Talparo route saw an increase. Short drops have increased from $4 to $5 and off-routes increased by $2.

Kissoondath noted that discussions are under way with respect to raising fares between San Fernando and Chaguanas but the association is giving its clients the opportunity to suggest a reasonable increase.

He said passengers and stakeholders can go to their Facebook page, Route 3 Unified Maxi-Taxi Association, to view the proposed increases and offer suggestions.

“We would like to get the commuters’ views on this and what the maxi-taxi drivers can do to improve the commute to their destinations,” Kissoondath added.


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