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victim: Reshma Kanchan

Reshma Kanchan, the woman who was brutally murdered last month, worked tirelessly to provide for her two-year-old and five-year-old daughters.

She wanted to give them a better life, her cousin, Michael Kanchan, said.

Since Kanchan’s death, friends and relatives have been rallying around the children.

“We are trying to be there for them. They don’t understand fully but we are trying to explain as best as we can. But it is difficult to plan for their future,” he told the Express yesterday.

Kanchan said relatives have been assisting with diapers, milk and clothing for the children. “But we are worried about the long term. What will happen later on when everyone stops coming? We need to come up with a plan for their lives,” he said.

The family has set up individual bank accounts for the girls for anyone willing to contribute.

People can make direct deposits to Republic Bank’s Penal branch to accounts 500 029 670 401 and 500 029 668 201.

On Monday, Kanchan’s ex-husband appeared in the Siparia Magistrates’ Court charged with her murder.

Sunil Dookie, 36, of Thompson Trace, Siparia, was charged with murdering Kanchan on September 29 at Laltoo Branch Road, Penal.

Dookie had made a report to the Siparia Police Station on the day before the incident.

He reported he had domestic problems and suicidal feelings.

Police said Kanchan left her home at approximately 8.45 a.m. and was seen arguing with a person in a black vehicle.

Shortly after the vehicle sped off, she was found by residents on the ground suffering from several chop wounds.

Dookie was apprehended after the vehicle he was driving collided with a garbage bin along Laltoo Branch Road.