The Nissan B13

STOLEN FROM MT HOPE: The Nissan B13, licence plate PBE 9324, belonging to Taariqka Kelly.

Taariqka Kelly bought her second-hand car for $18,000, but for her it was priceless.

The car disappeared on February 3 from the Mt Hope Hospital car park, where it was parked for the majority of the day.

The bright green Nissan B13, licence plate PBE 9324 is yet to be recovered.

According to Kelly, her sister, Naphatali Phillip borrowed the car last Monday morning to transport their ailing mother to the facility for treatment.

They arrived at midday and parked the vehicle at a space near the building’s main entrance.

Around 7.p.m., Phillip returned to the car park to retrieve some items for her mother when she discovered the car was missing.

“When my sister was about to leave to go get some stuff for my mom she realised it wasn’t parked in the car park where she left it. She asked the guard for assistance and the St Joseph Police Station was contacted,” she said.

Kelly, a 32-year-old Chinapoo resident, said the loss of her vehicle has stalled her and her family as she often used it to transport herself and her disabled siblings in their day-to-day activities.

“It was extremely hard because I need my car. I have two disabled siblings, my brother is in a wheelchair and my sister is 90 per cent disabled. I used the car to get things done and to go from place to place and now it’s just gone. I am trying to be strong but it’s very hard,” she said.

A week before her car was stolen, Kelly told the Express that her vehicle was broken into at the UWI car park in St Augustine, where the car stereo and other items were stolen. Kelly is appealing to anyone with information to come forward.


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