Trinidad Express Youth of the Year Samuel Williams

FLASHBACK: Trinidad Express Youth of the Year Samuel Williams, left, displays his award following a ceremony at Kapok Hotel, St Clair, in March 2018. With him are his mother Alicia Modeste, father Terry, and brother Joshua. 

MOTHER of visually impaired student Samuel Williams is appealing to the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) for a house.

Samuel’s mother, Alicia Modeste said she first started her application for a house in 2017 after her son passed for his first choice school.

Samuel’s resilience and determination to pursue his education as a visually impaired child was recognised by the Trinidad Express and on that year Samuel received the Trinidad Express Youth Award.

He currently attends the St Anthony’s College in Westmoorings and is a third form pupil.

Modeste said her application was completed with the assistance of staff from the Member of Parliament for area office. Health Minister Terrance Deyalsingh continued to fulfilled his promise to purchase all of Samuel’s school books, she said.

She said even though she was interviewed and given the assurance that she had all the necessary documents by HDC, she has received no word from the Ministry into the status of her application.

Modeste said her current living situation in San Juan is not ideal and would prefer the comfort of owning her own home. She said she is frustrated by the slow pace but was thankful to the MP and his office staff for their support.

“I went through everything, the interview, the meeting and they said everything was in order. I am right now with my children’s father. We made an arrangement to stay with him until I got the house. This was almost three years ago.

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I wanted to find a place but rent is high and he was okay with us living here. But I would like my own home. The MP office is helping and I know there is only so much they could do. If I had a house it would be so much easier for us,” she said.

Modeste said that in anticipation of having her house, she purchased several household appliances and had it stored. 

She said: “With my excitement of finally owning my home, I got appliances as I was waiting and stored it downstairs where I was staying. Everything was destroyed because of the flood. My electric stove, dryer, dishwasher all gone.”

When contacted an official from the HDC said they would look into the matter and would contact Modeste.


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