Sando's waterfront rebirth set to start

The migrants are lost somewhere in the Gulf of Paria Photo: Richard Charan

The search continued on Friday for the missing Venezuela nationals who went under when a boat sank on Tuesday night.

At least nine people were pulled alive from the water but Venezuelan authorities are still uncertain as to the exact number of persons on board the vessel.

Lt. Kerron Valere of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard said the initial number was expected to increase as it was discovered that several persons on-board had not been listed as approved crew members or passengers.

Initial reports stated that at least 34 persons were on board a fishing pirogue en route to Trinidad when it capsized near the Venezuelan islet of Los Patos, near the Dragon’s Mouth of the Gulf of Paria.

The Express was told that mostly women, and two children, were on board the vessel.


Patos Island, off the coast of Venezuela, where a pirogue transporting 34 Venezuelan nationals overturned early Wednesday.

The boat captain and a 26-year-old mother of two were rescued hours later and taken to a hospital in Venezuela.

The TT Coast Guard was contacted and joined in the search and rescue exercise.

Late Thursday, it was reported that nine persons were rescued and were being treated at hospital.

The sea and air search continued overnight.

Dozens of relatives of the missing were in Güiria anxiously waiting for word back from the search vessels, it was learned.

In recent years, an estimated 3.7 million Venezuelans have fled the crisis-wracked country.

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And most of Venezuela's migrants travel by land into neighboring Colombia and Brazil, but others overload fishing boats to cross the sometimes deadly Caribbean waters to nearby islands.

Approximately 40,000 Venezeuelans are said to be now living in Trinidad.

The Express was told that the boat set sail off the port of Las Salinas, Guiria for the three and a half hour long journey at 10pm on Tuesday.

The passengers were not in possession of passports or other legal documentation to enter the country, it was learned.

Relatives said it was an irregular voyage to Trinidad and Tobago, sailing in rough seas under the cover of darkness to avoid detection.


One man is dead following a confrontation with police yesterday evening. While up to press time last night details were still coming in, the Express was reliably informed that the incident took place at about 5 p.m. at Maturita Extension, Arima.

GERONTOLOGIST and former director of the Division of Ageing of the Ministry of Social Development Dr Jennifer Rouse is concerned that families are shuffling their elderly relatives into homes without checking to ensure proper care is being provided.

Police are seeking the urgent assistance of the public in locating 21-year-old Kesha Daniella Darlington. Darlington, of Longden Street, Arima, was last seen at Jenny’s Bar located near her home about 11 a.m. on Monday.