Kerron Clarke

Money returned: Kerron Clarke, founder of Drugs Sou Sou.

Drugs Sou Sou (DSS) foun­der Kerron Clarke has denied his multimillion-dollar La Horquetta-based operation is a pyramid scheme.

Clarke has been silent since the police raid last week, which saw an estimated $22 million in cash being seized, but returned the next day to him without charge.

In an interview with the Sunday Express on Friday while at the Port of Spain chambers of Senior Counsel Sophia Chote, Clarke, a serving member of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force for the past 13 years, said he is feeling victimised.

“I have never been charged with any offence; I have no pending matters. I have a clean record. I am of impeccable cha­racter. You raid my residence three times in one month. You seized $22 milli­on after taxes (officer took money), you came with no warrant for the search. It was distasteful watching what was ta­king place,” he said.

Clarke said Police Com­mis­sion­er Gary Griffith’s statement that a junior officer was responsible for the return of the funds is inaccurate.

“You had an ASP, Insp and senior officers from the FIB (Financial Investigation Branch) there. The Commissioner is trying to sell a story that a constable gave back the cash and he (Griffith) was unaware. I do not think that was an accurate representation of what happened.

“Sgt Hernandez was right there, along with other officers, when the cash was returned. Multiple officers signed the station diary, along with me, when the monies were returned,” Clarke said.

Clarke insisted DSS is an investment, and not a pyramid, scheme as is being touted by police, asking on what grounds the cops keep raiding his home.

“I am doing something which is uplifting people. Everyone who has invested has been paid,” he said.

Also speaking with the Sunday Express on Friday morning at her office, Chote, who is representing Clarke, said the justification and statements uttered by Griffith are inconsistent, and the police are yet to state what laws have been breached.

“After saying he (Griffith) spearheaded the exercise, it is only when people started to talk about money being given back, the Commissioner started to suggest that some crime was being committed, but up to now, he has not said what the crime is and what he has taken to address the situation.

“He spends his time instead abusing people on Facebook and other social media in an entirely inappropriate and juvenile way. Yet his account of his own responsibility as Commissioner of Police is inconsistent and unclear, and made even more unclear by the multiplicity of his statements,” she said.

Pointing out a search was conducted on September 22, but officers returned again on the 23rd “with all this force”, Chote said no lawful warrant was produced, nor was any shown to her junior attorneys who were on the scene.