IS there is serial killer in Trinidad and Tobago targeting specific people?

This was the question asked by former national security minister Jack Warner yesterday following news of the murder of king of comedy, Raymond Choo Kong.

Choo Kong was found fatally stabbed at his Arima home yesterday.

The Express had contacted Warner for a comment on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s remarks on Sunday where he took issue over an article pointing to racial discontent in the People’s National Movement (PNM) by some party members. Rowley dismissed this saying the PNM is a party for all and that Warner will fail in his attempt to use the race card.

Warner said: “I have no intention of dignifying the Prime Minister’s foolish statement with a response, however if I was the Prime Minister the murders taking place in this country would concern me more than me going to the US. I want to make a point as well that he continues to bury his head in the sand like an ostrich over the division in the PNM but reality will strike home very soon, I am sure,” he said.

Warner made reference to three murders, including Choo Kong’s, where the men were fatally stabbed in recent time.

“It is important to draw a link with the murder of Choo Kong and the stabbings of other men of the same circle. It raises the question if there is a serial killer in Trinidad?” asked Warner.

Warner also said he does not have a racial bone in his body and he thinks he is in good company as he pointed out that former prime minister Dr Eric Williams never travelled to the US in 25 years.

Targeted for execution? 

The question of whether a serial killer is lurking this land has also been raised in the gay community.

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A concerned member who requested that only his first name David be used said, “I absolutely believe that someone is hunting older gay men here. There was one instance where a playwright (I believe) was murdered around Christmas time. Then we had ***** just last month...and now Raymond. From what I understand, all three were stabbed to death with no sign of forced entry or robbery. There are too many similarities for me to believe this is all just coincidence. I think someone is taking advantage of older gay men seeking company and, for some unknown reason, murdering them,” he said.

There was also a post on Facebook by a person who stated:

“Enquiring minds want to know...

Just how much longer do we have to wait before the authorities do their job and at the VERY LEAST publicly acknowledge that gay men on this island are being systematically targeted for execution??!?

To my Rainbow Family:

As much as it breaks my heart to think that our beloved country has fallen so far from grace I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is a serial killer among us hunting gay men. PLEASE take whatever measures you have to stay safe because—until the police actually do something to catch this criminal—you are the only ones who can secure your communal safety.”


A simple funeral service was held for murder victims Wazir Mohammed and his wife Sherry Ann …