Nicholas Juman

Killed: Nicholas Juman

A MAN who had been kidnapped by three people last year, including a Special Reserve Police, was yesterday found dead off the North Coast Road near the Maracas Bay look-out.

He was among three people found murdered in North Trinidad yesterday.

The homicide toll stood at 221 up to last night while the toll last year at this time stood at 240.

Police said that around 4.30 p.m. they received a report about a bullet-riddled body found a few feet down a precipice off the North Coast Road.

When officers of the Maracas Bay Police Station arrived on the scene they found the body of Nicholas Juman, 24. He lived in Diego Martin.

His body was later moved to the Port of Spain Mortuary after the scene had been examined by officers of the Morvant CID, the Homicide Bureau and the Crime Scene Unit.

Sgt Guelmo of the Morvant CID was among the officers who visited the scene yesterday.

On January 6 last year, a video had been uploaded to social media which showed three men attempting to bundle Juman into the trunk of a car along the Lady Young Road near to the Hilton Trinidad.

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Juman had spent sometime earlier that evening with some friends at the hotel and he was grabbed just after leaving. His friends who saw what was happening filmed the abduction and also called Belmont police.

Juman, who had been placed into the trunk, prised it open, jumped out and landed on the road during which he received several cuts and bruises.

He hid behind a tree following which he made his way to the Belmont Police Station where he met his friends making a report about his abduction.

Within hours of the report police were able to capture the suspects in Belmont after the police received a description of the car they used.

The three men are currently before a Port of Spain magistrate and are currently on bail.


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