Las Cuevas residents are now calling on Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to explain why police officers stormed their homes without warning on Thursday morning.

Residents said officers kicked open doors and entered their homes without identifying themselves.

Police locked down parts of Las Cuevas bay on Thursday morning, following the discovery of a quantity of arms, ammunition and bulletproof vests.

Police confirmed that several homes were searched and at least 30 people were arrested.

The massive police exercise began at 2am.


A woman, who posted to social media, said, “The police break down the doors and scaffolding which were outside. That is unnecessary. My son is 15 years old. They asking for my son. He is an American citizen, he not from Las Cuevas. He told them that but they didn’t want to hear.”

The woman said her son was handcuffed and placed into a police vehicle.

And up to mid-afternoon, the mother said, she did not know where the teenager was being held.

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Residents also posted photographs of broken doors and windows and called on Griffith to respond.

“We need to know why they doing this to law abiding citizens. Ask us and we will let you in. Don’t traumatise us like this,” another woman said.

The exercise included officers from Northern Division Task Force, SORT, the TT Defence Force and TT Coast Guard.


Police said one of the men arrested was closely linked to Vaughn ‘Sandman’ Mieres and his wife Alita ‘Letty’ Dehere.

Mieres, a reputed drug lord, his wife and two men were killed last month.


WHILE Trinidad and Tobago is likely to be sprinkled with a few thundershowers from the passage of Tropical Storm Dorian, neighbouring islands, including Barbados, are bracing for the possibility of a hurricane by Wednesday.

Police are trying to determine what would have pushed an 18-year-old relative to attack a 36-year-old woman, who was four months pregnant, with a cutlass. The incident, which took place after midnight yesterday at the Las Lomas home of Alistra Mack-Kampo, also known as Roxanne Mack, resulted in the death of the mother of three.

Machel Montano was at his all-time best at the Caribbean Festival of the Arts (Carifesta) Island Beats Super Concert, on Saturday evening, at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

PRISON reform is crucial, says Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson. And while there have been advances made in this area, he notes that there is still much to be done. During an interview with the Express last week, Wilson noted that a task force had been appointed by Cabinet several years ago to look into prison reform and transformation.