Keisha Butcher

Keisha Butcher

Keisha Butcher, the daughter of Kenneth Butcher, sportsman, broadcaster and former parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Sport, died on Wednesday after a long battle with breast cancer.

Butcher, 43, was a consultant, legal services, at the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA).

She had been an attorney with 15 years’ standing at the local bar and was the first Trinidadian to have achieved the Blackstone’s World Prize from the University of London for her first year in law.

She also went on to read for a Master’s degree in corporate and commercial law at The University of the West Indies.

She was an alum of St Joseph’s Convent, St Joseph, and also taught at Sital College in Tacarigua.

As a cancer fighter and activist, Butcher promoted cancer awareness and a lifestyle of regular check-ups for persons to ensure they can confirm whether they were indeed cancer-free.

She was also an artist and held her first art exhibition, entitled The Melting Pot, in 2017. She saw the connection between her art and the legal profession and described it best when she said: “I paint like a lawyer…I follow the ‘precedent’ of created things.”

Fitzroy Hoyte, a close friend of the family and owner of Think Art Work TT Studio in Woodbrook, where Butcher hosted her art exhibition, said: “Keisha was able to connect with her creativity. Through her full bout of cancer, that creativity brought peace and healing to her and others through her art.”

Butcher also signed all her paintings wit “TYL” above her name, displaying her faith as the initials meant “Thank You Lord”.

Hoyte added: “Keisha was one of the most genuinely humble and trustworthy friends I’ve ever met.”

She leaves behind her daughter Acacia, her parents Ken and Patricia Butcher, and her siblings.

Her funeral will take place on Saturday at Fatima RC Church in Curepe.