Avinash Rampersad

lifestyle executive:

Avinash Rampersad

TWENTY-FOUR employees of Lifestyle Motors have been temporarily placed on furlough for a period of three months due to COVID-19 restrictions.

However, the company said the workers will gradually return to work in the coming weeks.

Three of the 24 workers will be back to work from next week.

Speaking to Express yesterday, Avinash Rampersad, executive director and chief operating officer at Lifestyle Motors, said adjustments had to be made as the company shut its doors to the public at the end of March.

“We did everything above board, the company went through all the industrial relations rules. We had our consultants come in and finalise how it could have been done. Twenty-eight workers were initially sent on temporary furlough but four did not accept the furlough and decided to take Voluntary Separation of Employment Package (VSEP),” he said.

Rampersad noted all Covid-19 guidelines are being adhered to and workers are being rotated so that proper social distancing can be practiced at all times.

He is hopeful business rebounds in the couple of months.

Meanwhile, Southern Sales director Reyaz Ahamad said yesterday no decision has been taken to cut staff.

Ahamad said the staff who were at home since the Prime Minister announced that non-essential businesses had to be closed in March to help the curb of the spread of Covid-19 were paid fully for the two months.

“We have tried to be fair and reasonable as possible when it came to workers’ salary,” he said.

He said since the reopening on Monday, Southern Sales, located on Richmond Street, Port of Spain, has been dealing with the new vehicles which came in at the end of March but could not be licensed due to the restrictions.