Dr Rudradeva Sharma

Dr Rudradeva Sharma

FRIDAY marked one year since Dr Rudradeva Sharma lost his life in a road traffic accident after he and one of his colleagues who worked at the San Fernando General Hospital were robbed and kidnapped minutes after leaving duty at midnight on January 14.

As the kidnappers attempted to make their getaway, they lost control of the vehicle, causing it to crash, resulting in fatal injuries being suffered by the 38-year-old doctor.

His colleague, Dr Prem Naidoo, survived. One of the men involved in the kidnapping was also killed while two others have since been placed before the court charged for causing the deaths.

For the first time last week, Sharma’s immediate family publicly spoke of the incident and the emotionally overwhelming time they had to endure over the past year.

Sharma’s family issued a statement to the Express saying the outpouring of love and support they had been receiving from the public, together with the many uplifting testimonies, served as a positive reminder that he successfully fulfilled his earthly purpose with selfless virtue and now has a greater and more divine purpose.

“He truly believed in one nation, one people (and) one love. Many people of all ethnic backgrounds have reached out to us to share their stories which truly reflect Dr Sharma’s love and respect for all and the high regard and great love people mutually held for him.

“According to his patients at SFGH, ‘the world will never be able to replace him or repay him for all his selfless service and humble duty as a medical doctor’.

“As his family, the more we see this world of suffering unfold, the easier it seems to understand that ‘God’s timing is best,’” they stated.

They described Sharma as a charitable humanitarian who oftentimes took from his own pocket to assist those in need.

His loved ones went on to say nothing can compare to a mother’s pain of losing her eldest child, but Rudy always believed in staying positive so the family is determined to stay strong for each other and to focus their energies in “continuing to walk in his footsteps.” According to his siblings, “It may be a big shoe to fill, but one that’s well worth it in Rudy’s great honour.”

“As his loved ones, we feel thankful for all the ‘blessings in disguise.’ For even in the midst of the pandemic, it has opened up avenues to try in our own unique ways to reach out to his HIV patients and to the less fortunate.”

Would have joined Covid-19 front line

The family added had Sharma been alive today and, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, they said he would have braved it all to protect and save as many lives as he valiantly could on the front line.

“His contributions would have been immeasurable. Throughout his career, this young man was held in high esteem for his unwavering commitment to ‘go above and beyond the call of duty’ to improve the standard of living and quality of life for his patients and those inflicted with HIV/infectious diseases.

“To this day, his family said they were thankful for the outpouring of love and well wishes from vendors, needy families and the public at large whom Sharma reached out to help.”

Added to that, they said he valued the sanctity of life even down to his last breath by shielding his colleague and taking the brunt of the injuries.

“Dr Sharma always believed in staying positive and so, we will always hold closest to our hearts all the beautiful memories of him.”

“He is sorely missed but will always be the light, love, pride and joy of his family home and our true hero and inspiration for life.

“The best and most treasured moments of our life are the ones spent with Rudy and always will be, for his divinity lives on forever,” said the family.

“The best and most treasured moments of our life are the ones spent with Rudy and always will be… for his divinity lives on in our hearts forever,” they stated.