Omari Matthews

puzzling motive

for killing: Omari Matthews

The family of Tobago’s tenth murder victim wants justice after he was killed during a “zesser” party on the island.

Omari Matthews, 21, died early yesterday after he was shot in the neck.

Two people from Plymouth were taken into police custody, while others are assisting in the investigation.

Matthews was shot metres away from his Mt Hay Trace, Black Rock, home.

Assistant Commissioner of Police for Tobago, Vernon Roberts, told the Sunday Express, a number of persons of interest are assisting police in their investigations into the circumstances surrounding Matthews’ murder.

Police said the incident occurred around 1.30 a.m. yesterday.

There was a fight among a group of men during the party and two people were shot.

A woman was shot in the foot and Matthews was shot in the neck.

Residents later carried him to the Scarborough General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

One of his friends, Kiel Browne, told the Sunday Express Matthews was like a brother.

“Omari was no part of the fight. Omari was down the street liming and talking ...just so they shoot Omari. Just so,” Browne said.

Residents of Black Rock said they were puzzled about whether Matthews was targeted or was caught in the gunfire.

His mother and girlfriend were overcome with grief and could not speak to the Sunday Express.

Omari’s brother, Mikhail Matthews, said justice must be served.

He said Matthews was quiet and never troubled anyone.

“Omari was a farmer who often helped me with my animals. I am almost lost for words on his passing,” Mikhail said.

Contacted for comment, area representative and Education Secretary Kelvin Charles said illegal weapons need to be removed from the streets.

“Unfortunate and regrettable. I am hopeful that more of us can resolve our differences without resorting to violence.

“I urge our young persons to get rid of those guns even as I implore the police to do all in their power to rid the streets of these illegal weapons,” Charles said.

The Tobago Homicide Bureau is leading investigations.

Trinidad and Tobago’s murder toll for the year so far stood at 356 last night, compared to 456 for the same period in 2019.