Marcia Ayres-Caesar

former chief magistrate: Marcia Ayres-Caesar

ANOTHER High Court judge has been reassigned to the Family Court.

The Sunday Express understands that Justice David Harris, who is currently presiding over the lawsuit filed by former chief magistrate Marcia Ayres-Caesar, is expected to assume duties at the Family Court, while a junior judge has been assigned his cases.

Two weeks ago, Justice Carol Gobin was transferred to the Family Court in Tobago.

Harris had stayed the proceedings involving Ayres-Caesar pending the outcome of the Privy Council ruling in the new Law Term.


Iwer! Iwer! Iwer!

That repetitive chant, 1,000-plus voices strong, heralded the return of Neil “Iwer” George to soca supremacy long before any results were read on Saturday morning at the International Soca Monarch (ISM) final.