Kamyeon Murray

KILLED: Kamyeon Murray, shot dead during a drive-by shooting in Mt St George, Tobago, yesterday.

Tobago has recorded a third murder for the year.

Kamyeon Murray, of Mt St George in Tobago, was killed during a drive-by shooting in the area where he lived early yesterday morning.

This is the fourth drive-by shooting on the island in days.

Murray is Tobago’s third murder victim.

Police said a group of men were liming and playing cards at Back Street, Mt St George, around 12.40 a.m., when a silver Nissan AD wagon vehicle pulled alongside them.

One of the passengers came out and fired at least ten times.

The vehicle then sped off.

Murray, a 37-year-old mason, sustained a gunshot wound to the neck and died on the spot.

Ten spent shells were recovered at the scene.

An eyewitness who did not want to be identified told the Express: “Somebody they come for, they came to kill everybody on the roadway. We were just chilling when the vehicle come up and just start to shoot. It was rapid gunshots.”

Relatives on the scene told the Express they were surprised anyone would want to hurt Murray, as he was quiet and worked hard.

“He was a hard-working man. He lived on a farm tending to his chickens before he come up Mason Hall. The man putting up a building up there. That building on hold right now because he is the builder,” a ­relative said.

Murray’s uncle, Eldon Murray, said, he was shocked to hear of his nephew’s murder.

“He was a cool fellow, a tradesman and he was a bright man, very hard-working,” Eldon Murray said.

The Homicide Bureau is investigating.