The month of May has just begun and there have already been 16 deaths from Covid-19.

Multiple deaths have been recorded every day for the first four days of May, with six new deaths being reported by the Ministry of Health yesterday, the second-highest death toll in one day since the pandemic started.

Two of the patients were elderly males with comorbidities and one was a middle-age man with comorbidities. The other patients were two middle-age males and one middle-age female, none of whom had any significant comorbidities.

May seems on track to surpass April, which has been the worst month for the year thus far in terms of Covid-19 numbers and deaths.

Last month saw 27 Covid-19 deaths and 2,798 cases recorded.

In the first four days of May, 882 cases have been recorded.

In 2021 so far, Trinidad and Tobago has recorded more than half the number of total cases recorded in 2020 and almost half the number of deaths recorded last year. A total of 127 deaths and 7,150 cases had been recorded at the end of 2020.

For the year thus far, there have been 4,256 new cases and 58 deaths.

Yesterday, the ministry reported 235 new cases of the virus.

While 14 patients were discharged from health facilities yesterday, this did nothing to decrease hospital occupancy as new admissions took the figure from 240 on Monday to 264 yesterday evening.

This means that hospital occupancy is now even higher than it was when Acting Principal Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health Dr Maryam-Abdool Richards warned that the parallel healthcare system could face collapse if ca­ses continue to increase.

On Saturday, Ab­dool-­Richards had said with the high rate of infection, the system could be overwhelmed within three weeks to a month.

Just two days later, on Monday, Abdool-Richards revised this time frame down to ten days.

She noted that hospitals are admitting Covid-19 patients at a much faster rate than patients are being discharged, adding that 100 additional beds had been made available, but were filling up fast.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram has likened the increase in cases to a “snowball effect”.

“I had said in the early part of March that we noticed a conside­rable increase. People at the time thought that it was too small; I thought that it was enough to cause a significant increase in terms of a snowball type of effect,” he said on Monday.

Parasram said the numbers would first double and then qua­druple quickly.

Epidemiologist Dr Avery Hinds had also predicted “an alarming number” of active cases. On Monday, Hinds said by May 22, this country is likely to have more than 10,000 active cases of the virus.


Yesterday, active cases increased to 2,689.

There has also been an increase in the number of patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the High Dependency Unit (HDU).

As of yesterday, 12 people were in the ICU and 19 in the HDU.

In Tobago, a further ten cases were recorded yesterday, taking the total active cases on the island to 53.

The island has had a total of 247 confirmed cases of the virus and two deaths to date.

T&T’s total confirmed count is now at 11,706.

The ministry said yesterday 14 people were discharged from health facilities and there have been another 85 recovered community ca­ses, bringing the number of recovered patients to 8,832.

At this time, 2,154 Covid-posi­tive people remain in home isolation while 227 are in various State quarantine facilities. Thirty-six people are in step-down facilities.

To date, 137,081 samples (64,320 at private labs) have been submitted for testing. The ministry advised that 51,283 people have been vaccinated against Covid-19, with 196 of those receiving both their first and second shots.

 Snapshot of cases and deaths


Total cases recorded: 7,150

Total deaths: 127

January 2021

Total cases recorded: 114

Total deaths: 7

February 2021

Total cases recorded: 149

Total deaths: 5

March 2021

Total cases recorded: 313

Total deaths: 3

April 2021

Total cases recorded: 2,798

Total deaths: 27

May 2021 (to date)

Total cases recorded: 882

Total deaths: 16

Overall 2021 to date

Total cases recorded: 4,256

Total deaths: 58


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