Missing: Chris Rivers

One week after she went missing, Rio Claro security guard Chris Rivers has been found dead in Mayaro.

The body was clad in clothing similar worn by Rivers when she was last seen leaving her workplace last Monday.

It was discovered in an advanced state of decomposition in a forested area in Mafeking Village.

The discovery was made around 11 a.m. by police officers of the Eastern Division Task Force and Eastern Division Homicide officers.

Rivers, 24, disappeared last Monday morning after leaving her workplace at the WASA substation in New Grant.

After her shift ended around daybreak, she called her mother, Rosyln Rivers, and told her that she was taking a taxi to get to their home at El Guanapo Estate, Rio Claro.


The area where the body of missing Rio Claro security guard Chris Rivers, was found in this forested area in the village of Mafeking. Rivers disappeared on Monday last after leaving her place of work at the WASA substation in New Grant.

Her co-worker told police that Rivers entered a white car on the Naparima Mayaro Road which headed to headed to Rio Claro.

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Rosyln Rivers said that her daughter had walked away from an abusive ex-lover last year, and had been trying to rebuild her life.

She said that her daughter had even requested to work in a location far away from him to avoid contact.

However last weekend the job took her to Mayaro, close to where her ex-lover lived.

Eastern Division homicide detectives detained a man for questioning in connection with River’s disappearance.


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