CRIMINALS killed a man and ‘mummified’ the body, then dumped it in a drain in Maraval on Thursday.

The body was found wrapped in two bed sheets with the hands crossed across the chest.

Around 4.25 p.m. a woman made the discovery while walking at the intersection of Camille Street and Anderson Terrace.

The lower half of the corpse was wrapped in a multi-coloured sheet and the upper part was wrapped in a green sheet, police said.

Yellow plastic bags covered the head and chest area.

The hands were crossed on the chest, and bound with duct tape around the chest and back.

Several gaping wounds were found to the head.

Police need the public’s assistance to identify the corpse.

It was described as a man of African descent, in his early 20’s and approximately six feet tall.

Anyone with information can contact Maraval Police at 629-2001, or TTPS hotline at 555, 999, Crime Stoppers 800-TIPS (8477), or 482-GARY (4279).