The body of a man found wrapped in a ‘mummified’ manner last Thursday, has been identified.

The deceased is 24-year-old Marcus Edwin Clarke, of Sea Lots.

Speaking with the Express on Thursday, Clarke’s father said he was still trying to come to terms with the news, as he did not know his son to be involved in any criminal activities.

“To me, he’s not involved in anything illegal. He wasn’t perfect, and you know he made a few mistakes in the past. But that was just that, mistakes. You are not defined by your mistakes. And he changed since then and was a good fella. He even started doing tattoos and piercings and had a kiosk along Charlotte Street (Port of Spain), where he would work out of. He wanted to provide for his two children and be the best man he could for them. And he also had a sister who is about that same age (two-years-old) so he wanted to be a role model for her too, so this here, this caught us all off guard. I don’t know what to do,” Clarke’s father said.

He said the last time anyone had seen the 24-year-old was on Thursday, the same day his body was found.

“He is a young man who liked to work and liked to lime. And he has friends that he would stay by from time to time. So when he left home, we didn’t think anything of it initially, really. It was when Sunday night came around and we still didn’t hear from him we got a little worried, and then on Republic Day (September 24) the police came by my house and they told us that they believe it was my son who got killed, and they asked me to identify him. That was a bad experience,” the grieving man recalled.

He said his last conversation with his son was on the Wednesday night, when they were both watching television.

“We were home watching cartoon on the bed with his baby sister, and he tell me ‘daddy, you is 60 something now and if anything happen to you, I go take care of your child (his sister)’. And now look what happen. Now it’s me who have to take care of his children? This isn’t fair,” the Express was told.

Clarke’s body was found wrapped in two bed sheets with the hands crossed across the chest the afternoon of September 19.

Around 4.25 p.m. a woman made the discovery while walking at the intersection of Camille Street and Anderson Terrace.

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The lower half of the corpse was wrapped in a multi-coloured sheet and the upper part was wrapped in a green sheet, police said.

Yellow plastic bags covered the head and chest area.

The hands were crossed on the chest, and bound with duct tape around the chest and back.

Several gaping wounds were found to the head.


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