more are dead.

Two victims have been identified as Ph driver Ashar Kirby and 55-year-old Nigel Bellot.

Bellot was shot dead at 10p.m. yesterday along Carr Lane, Belmont.

Police said he was in the bedroom of his home with a female companion when they heard someone knocking on their front door.

Bellot went out to enquire but was greeted by gunfire.

He died on the scene.

Bellot, police said, was not known to them as having criminal links, however, they did indicate he had been deported some years ago.

Kirby was shot dead in the carpark of KFC in West Moorings, off the Western Main Road.

The Express was told that at about 10.30p.m. Kirby was in seated in a beige Nissan vehicle in the carpark along with Jamal Samuel AKA Etumbay.

The two were waiting on a female friend to bring them food and drinks.

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However, while the woman was inside the store, she heard gunshots.

She told police she saw two gunmen from a distance shooting at the Almera motor vehicle.

Kirby died in the scene while Samuel was rushed for medical treatment.

A third man was killed in Barataria this morning.


A simple funeral service was held for murder victims Wazir Mohammed and his wife Sherry Ann …