The area when the incident happened. Photo: Sandhya Santoo

THE mother of four who drank poison while at the park with her children last week is still in critical condition at hospital.

The 31 year old woman is warded at the Intensive Care Unit of the San Fernando General Hospital.

She has been heavily sedated since at hospital and unable to speak to investigators about the incident.

Police last week interviewed her husband and he told officers that did not know why his wife attempted suicide.

The woman took the children to Palmiste Park on Wednesday afternoon and drank a poisonous substance.

Police were told that the woman called a close family friend and told the person that she was at the park with her children aged 12, ten, four and two when she consumed the poison.

The children were near the swings when they realised something was wrong with their mother and began to scream.

The woman’s husband and police officers of the San Fernando CID were immediately contacted.

Police responded and took the woman to hospital.