The Green Party’s political leader is Dr. Everold Hosein

A new political party - The Green Party of Trinidad and Tobago - has been formed.

Its symbol is a large green dot is registered with the Election and Boundaries Commission of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Green Party’s political leader is Dr. Everold Hosein who stated that the party will officially be launched on September 7.

According to a release, Hosein is a “distinguished Scholar at City University of New York, School of Public Health, and a Communication Advisor-Consultant to the United Nations (WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNEP, UNWOMEN). He was born in California, Trinidad and Tobago, and attended Presentation College, San Fernando. His university education was at the University of Kansas and the University of Michigan,”.

Hosein stated that The Green party has a transformation agenda for Trinidad and Tobago, with the first priority being the introduction of a new education system for children from birth to 12 years of age. This agenda is on the party’s website: www.greenpartytt.com

“It is sad the kind of schools our young children have to endure,” said Hosein.

“The Green Party plans to have 160 new air-conditioned schools built for children age 9 months to 12 years in 4 years, with several additional features and major modifications to the curriculum and teaching methods, including no homework and no transitioning standardised tests (like in Finland).” he added.

Hosein stated that other priorities shared on the website will be: Health; Quality of Life including environmental issues, a national mass rapid transit system, arts and culture, enhance community life, free internet access, better urban planning; economic diversification including working towards a Universal Basic Income; Crime; Foreign and Caribbean Affairs; Governance.

“After nearly 60 years of Independence, it is time to turn Trinidad and Tobago into the fantastic Trinidad and Tobago it should be. The word “fantastic” and Trinidad and Tobago go nicely together. Note the two Ts in fantastic!” stated Hosein.