Douglas Mendes


The Law Association is not at the beck and call of the United National Congress (UNC).

Speaking with the Express yesterday, president of the Law Association Douglas Mendes SC lashed back at Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, saying, “Decisions made by the Law Association in relation to the Chief Justice were based on advice received by two regional senior and well-respected lawyers with no local political connections. I rather think that the Prime Minister did not actually mean that as a matter of fact the Law Association was under political influence.”

Addressing the People’s National Movement (PNM) Diego Martin West constituency annual conference in Diego Martin on Sunday, Rowley said: “That is not the new society that we are trying to build. The new society that we are trying to build is one that would have a Law Association that would know that it ought not to be at the behest, at the call, at the coming and going of a corrupt political party. The society we are trying to build is not one where the legal fraternity is one where a handful of people with a serious political agenda could call a meeting of the Law Association.”