John John

A boy rides his bicycle in John John on Tuesday afternoon. —Photos: CAMILLE HUNTE

Gunshots still ring out at night. Borderline restrictions still prevent resi­dents of one street from visiting a parlour the next street over.

Sporting facilities still remain unused out of fear.

Self-imposed curfews are still in effect.

Mail and other services are still halted as delivery people fear for their lives. Blood still stains the streets.

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One year after Police Commissioner Gary Griffith confidently declared “give me one year” to turn around the Police Service and make the country a safer place, residents of John John and environs say nothing has changed for them and they feel no safer.


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The Government has announced major changes to the boards of Trini­dad Petroleum Holdings Ltd and its four subsidiary companies with the removal of chairman Wilfred Espinet and chief executive ­officer of Heritage Petroleum Com­pany Ltd Mike Wylie.