Reshma Kanchan

Reshma Kanchan

Reshma Kanchan made “only one report of disturbance of the peace and asked that no action be taken against her alleged attacker”.

This was stated by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) in a release yesterday “to clarify reports in the media”.

According to the TTPS, no one made any report to the Penal Police Station of domestic violence with respect to Kanchan, who was killed by an ex-lover on Tuesday.

“Investigations revealed that Kanchan made a report of disturbance at 5.40 p.m. on Wednesday September 16, 2020 to the Penal Police Station. As a result, PC Rock and C Jaglal responded and spoke to Ms Kanchan and a man, who lives at Thompson Trace, Siparia, relative to marital problems they were having. PC Rock also spoke to Ms Kanchan who confirmed that the man was her husband and they both lived at her mother’s home at 269D Laltoo Trace, Penal.

“It was also reported that her husband and her mother had a falling out and he was no longer allowed to come to that house. As a result, he went to stay at his father’s residence at Thompson Trace, Siparia, while Ms Kanchan continued to reside at her mother’s home.

“Ms Kanchan also stated that her mother did not want her spouse coming to the front of her house where he had been making allegations against her. PC Rock enquired from her if she had a protection order and she replied NO. PC Rock then spoke to both parties and advised them to seek counselling at the Victim and Witness Support Unit at the Penal Police Station and they both agreed,” the release stated.

The release added that investigations revealed no police action was requested for any breach of the peace, and no protection orders were served at the Penal Police Station in respect of Kanchan and her spouse.

“With respect to the one report made on September 16, no police action was requested, other than a warning which was given by PC Rock on the said day. The Gender-Based Violence Unit was formed in January, 2020 to deal with domestic violence cases. The TTPS points out that the Unit has been successful so far in educating people, but called on persons to report such incidents so that the appropriate action can be taken,” the ­release ended.