NP's Diego Martin fuel station

National Petroleum (NP) says it is aware of the fuel contamination at the NP Diego Martin Service Station on Wednesday afternoon.

At around 1p.m. super fuel was inadvertently discharged into the diesel fuel storage tank. As an immediate measure, the sale of diesel fuel at this station was suspended and maintenance technicians were deployed to the site to remove the product from the tank and take remedial action to flush the entire system.

The Premium fuel and Super fuel at this Service Station were unaffected, and the sale of these products continued without issue. A new supply of diesel has since been delivered to the Diego Martin Service Station, says NP.

NP said a full investigation and analysis of the matter is being conducted.

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The statement by NP came a day after video footage emerged on social media showing diesel-powered vehicles parked at the fuel station, and several being drained of the super gasoline accidentally pumped into the gas tanks.

“Moreover, NP continues to advocate for strict compliance with standard procedures for the receipt of fuel at service stations and continues to emphasise to all its site operators/ dealers the critical importance of following the established procedure so that the motoring public continues to receive good fuel quality.”


AN “intense tropical wave” is likely to affect the country early this morning until tomorrow around 8 p.m. The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) yesterday raised its alert level to “Orange”, meaning that citizens should brace for bad weather today.