Outrage and anxiety marked the public’s reactions yesterday to news that Trinidad and Tobago could be facing community spread of Covid-19.

Many were upset that the infected patient appeared to have ignored symptoms indicating the possibility of the virus — and had proceeded to “move like normal”.

“You that sick and just moving among people? Why don’t we listen? Why don’t we care about each other?” one frustrated Facebook (FB) user stated.

Social media was flooded with commentary almost immediately following the Health Ministry’s announcement, with citizens also chastising each other for underestimating the virus and for lacking community spirit by refusing to respect Covid-19 protocols.

“Does anyone in Trinidad not know about Covid? Very selfish and immature, to be sick and have no regard for others,” one Port of Spain FB user lamented.

“A lot of people are not taking this virus seriously. Went shopping this weekend and nearly everyone was wearing masks under their chin. Hope we don’t pay too hard for our ignorance,” a mother of four from Central Trinidad wrote.

An East Trinidad resident stated: “Nobody in Trinidad has the flu or the cold right now so if you are sick, get checked for coronavirus!”

There was much anxiety as to whether the virus is set to emerge within the national community but among the worried were those who have recently been able to return to work.

“I was sent home without a salary for nearly two months because of no business. Really hope this person’s carelessness doesn’t cost me another two months,” said a Port of Spain store clerk.

Many pleaded with the “forces” and gods to protect T&T from community spread, expressing fear for the social, mental and financial well-being of the country.