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National Security Minister Stuart Young says a group of Trinidad and Tobago nationals stranded in Guyana is expected to return home tomorrow.

At least ten nationals, including a two-year-old child, were granted exemption to re-enter the country. The group, according to the Minister, was expected to make their own travel arrangements to return to Trinidad and Tobago.

But not everyone was able to purchase an airline ticket for Saturday’s chartered flight on Trans Guyana Airways, the Express was told. And at least three people may have to remain in Guyana until they can raise funds to travel home.

“The group organised a chartered flight to go to Trinidad on Saturday. Everybody does not have the amount of money to pay because it is costing a lot of money. It will leave us stranded here. I purchased a return ticket to go home and I can’t use it now because it is another airline. I don’t know what to do because I want to come home. There are people who have the money to pay for the ticket but I can’t,” one national said. He said three people were unable to raise the money. “So far it looks like three of us cannot pay. We have a young girl here with a baby and she too cannot pay. We are asking for help to get home,” he said.

On May 8, Young said T&T nationals in Guyana and Venezuela would be allowed to return home. He said they will have to make their own flight arrangements as the Government will not incur the cost of their return.

Speaking at the Ministry of Health virtual news conference on Tuesday, Young said the ten nationals in Guyana contacted the permanent secretary in the Ministry of National Security confirming arrangements with a chartered airline in Guyana to arrive on Saturday.

“That is part of the process. Once we’ve received that, again we confirm in writing you will be permitted entry to Trinidad and Tobago, kindly provide us with the final flight details, and that is what I expect to happen because it’s a process we’ve gone through before, there’s no delay on our part, we want to get these persons back. We’ve been working with the Ministry of Health and their personnel to identify where these persons will be quarantined by the State on arrival,” he said.