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Icacos, Cedros

THREE fishermen kidnapped off Icacos were released on Wednesday night.

Police believe that the families of Keith Schneider, 60, Ramkissoon Harricharan, 64, and Venezuelan Alvaro Espinoza, all of Fullerton Village, Cedros, paid a ransom for their release.

It is not known whether the amount paid was the US $10,000 as demanded by the kidnappers, as their families continue to be tight-lipped with information to police officers.

The victims were released around 7.30 p.m. Wednesday in an area known as “the Rock” near the Icacos shoreline.

They were picked up by boat by their fellow fishermen.

Officers of the South Western Police Division, Anti-Kidnapping Unit and Cedros police responded and took the men to the Cedros District Health Facility.

Police said the victims did not have any physical injuries, and they confirmed to officers that they were not harmed while in captivity.

The victims were discharged from hospital and reunited with their families later that night.

Officers are expected to interview the victims on Thursday.

Schneider, 60, Harricharan, 64 and Espinoza are believed to have been snatched off their 27-foot pirogue and the engine stolen while on a fishing expedition on Tuesday morning.

Their empty boat stripped of its engine was found by drifting at sea by other fishermen who towed it to shore and contacted their families.

Later that morning, the families received a phone call informing them that they must pay US $10,000 for the men to be released.

Local Government Councillor for Cedros Shankar Teelucksingh also said that the families did not divulge information on their missing loved ones.

Teelucksingh said that on Wednesday evening he was meeting with fishermen and residents of Icacos to discuss several issues, including the numerous attacks on fishermen.