Dr Keith Rowley

WITH THE CHILDREN: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley with Jacob, Jada-Marie and Jaydon Chance during the funeral service for their father, Vision on Mission founder Wayne Chance at the Divine Encounter Fellowship Ministries, D’Abadie yesterday.


Government has assured the family of Vision on Mission (VOM) founder Wayne Chance that funding and support for the ex-prisoner rehabilitation organisation will continue and will not be depleted.

After a battle with cancer, Chance passed away last week Sunday at the age of 47.

Speaking at his funeral, held yesterday at Divine Encounter Ministries International, D’Abadie, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley gave his word that funding to the organisation will not be reduced.

Rowley said he became attracted to Chance via his advocacy programme on I95.5FM.

Chance was a talk show host on the I95.5 “Take Two” programme and later created Project Hope, which dealt specifically with prison conditions and rehabilitation.

Rowley said he later met Chance, who personally invited him to VOM’s annual general meeting at the Central Bank.

“And he didn’t have to work too hard to get me to agree to come because I knew it would have been something worthwhile. I took the time off and I went to this function and it was a very moving function,“ the PM said, adding that a handful of deportees gave testimonies at the AGM about how Chance and VOM helped them turn their lives around.

He said the board of VOM then accounted for every asset and every cent.

Rowley said when he returned home, he told his wife about his experience listening to the testimonies of the deportees.

“And when I got to the Cabinet, I told them whatever the Government can contribute, rest assured that it is properly accounted for and taxpayers’ money will be properly looked after by Vision on Mission,” he added.

Rowley went on: “He (Chance) saved lives, he protected people and he gave us a pilot project from which we can all be better than we are now. So what do we say to his children, just thanks? Or do we say to Giselle (Chance’s wife) and the children that we are here for you the same way your father was here for those who couldn’t help themselves.

“Do we put a dollar value on what Wayne has accomplished for the people of Trinidad and Tobago? What is that figure? But I know that there is a figure that is required in raising these children. I know that there is a figure involved in keeping Vision on Mission alive and going and it falls to those of us who are in charge of the nation’s coffers to ensure that that figure is not depleted. I give you my word.”

The assurance of continued support also came from National Security Minister Stuart Young.


THE Opposition United National Congress (UNC) is calling for the removal of National Security Minister Stuart Young, calling him “a danger to democracy” over his claims of a conspiracy afoot to destabilise the country through crime.

“MY brothers were not any drug pushers, drug dealers or any of the bad things they are trying to paint them as. They (referring to National Security Minister Stuart Young) talking crap.