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(flashback)TOUGHER MEASURES: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley speaks at a press conference on Monday at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s.

The eldest brother of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has died.

Mathias Joseph, 81, died at the Scarborough General Hospital in Tobago on Friday night.

In a Facebook post yester­day, Rowley thanked healthcare workers for the care and attention they provided during his brother’s illness.

He said Joseph passed away peacefully.

“Mathias was our big bro­ther who never forgot who he was for us,” the PM said.

Rowley said he regretted family and friends will not be able to gather for a funeral to celebrate his brother’s life as a result of social-distancing measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The public has been asked to not gather in groups of more than ten and to stream funeral services online if possible.

Rowley reiterated that message yesterday as he thanked the public for their kind words on his brother’s passing.

“Our only regret is that in these times, we will not be able to gather to celebrate a life of love and caring. Be careful out there. Hard as it is, please do not congregate. Remember to separate-isolate-quarantine (SIQ).”

He added: “I pray not for the burdens to be made lighter but for my shoulders to be strengthened to bear them.”

Le Hunte in mourning

Another Government mi­nister is also mourning the loss of a loved one.

Martina Le Hunte, the mo­ther of Public Utilities Mi­nister Robert Le Hunte, also passed away on Friday night.

She was 86 and had been ailing for some time.

Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell shared his condolences in a Facebook post yesterday morning.

“With all that is happening, remember to send your prayers and thoughts to those who are experiencing loss in their lives. I pray for God’s grace to be upon you as you celebrate her life and mourn her loss.”

—Camille Hunte