Police say they found these guns, ammunition and bullet proof vest during the operation.

Police locked down parts of Las Cuevas bay on Thursday morning, following the discovery of a quantity of arms, ammunition and bulletproof vests.

Police confirmed that several homes were searched and at least 30 people were arrested.

The massive police exercise began at 2a.m. and was expected to be completed at midday.

Police said the people were detained in connection with gang-related activities.

The exercise included officers from Northern Division Task Force, SORT and the TT Defence Force.

Police said one of the men arrested was closely linked to Vaughn ‘Sandman’ Mieres and his wife Alita ‘Letty’ Dehere.

Mieres, a reputed drug lord, his wife and two men were killed last month.

The massacre took place at the Mieres family home at School Trace, Las Cuevas at around 2.15a.m.

The killers stormed the house and killed the couple along with the men, described as his body guards.

The killers left the area aboard a fishing boat.

Police say that high powered weapons were used in the executions.

On Tuesday, a suspect in the Sandman killings, was shot dead near his home in Maraval.

Police said at 12.21 p.m. yesterday the victim, Shaquille Eugene, 24, was leaving his Nicholas Street home located off Morne Coco Road, Maraval, when a Nissan Qashqai SUV with two men stopped in front of his black Hyundai Elantra. One man got out and fired a total of eight shots at Eugene. He got back in and the men fled the scene. Eugene died on the spot behind the steering wheel of the car.

There has been at least three other shootings linked to the Las Cuevas attack.