Ralph Maraj

political analysts Ralph Maraj 

WITH just one year left of its five-year term, the Government has failed in the most important areas. This was the assessment of two political analysts yesterday as they reflected on the PNM’s leadership over the past four years.

Yesterday marked the PNM’s four-year anniversary in office and according to political analysts Ralph Maraj and Dr Indira Rampersad, the country is worse off than before. “With regard to the economy, I think that is where the greatest disappointment lies,” Rampersad said. “Although they say the economy is turning around, the economists are saying something else and the people are feeling something else...the high level of taxation, the removal of a lot of benefits that people enjoyed...the VAT on some items that was not there before, the retrenchment, Petrotrin workers in particular...all of those are issues of concern to the population.”

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